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Secondly, the tone of the magazine has become very serious; please understand that we want fun stuff in the magazine...


Hi Ed,

I have been following Us for a while now, and I think I have a couple of things I would like to share with you. I don’t mean to offend, as I like Us magazine, and have been enjoying the stories and poems published in it, so please understand that I mean well. Firstly, I have read many letters pointing out the obvious flaws: the size, not enough pages and the quality of printing. It seems that the letters are published, but their content is ignored. Visuals have the power to make and break, so I suggest you pay heed to the readers’ complaints and do something about it.

Secondly, the tone of the magazine has become very serious; please understand that we want fun stuff in the magazine, and do not like to read serious articles all the time. We, your readers, are mostly young adults and need fun stuff, sports, entertainment, etc. Hope you will consider my suggestions.

Sarmad Ahmed, Lahore

Dear Ed,

I really like ‘Quiz Whiz’ section, and that’s the first thing I look for every Friday. I hope to see it as a weekly feature, and on varied subjects. The cover story, ‘The falling culture of reading’ by Professor Khalid Akbar (20 Nov), highlighted a serious problem and should make people responsible for the future of this country pay heed to this problem. I think a reason for the lack of interest in reading is that most of the course books are very dull and dry. Text books need to be revamped. And, to inculcate a love of reading, schools should make it compulsory for students to read a set number of books in an academic year. I know that students cannot be compelled to do so, but if given a good incentive, may be they will. Thank you, Professor, for writing on this important subject.

Ahsanullah Jamal Khan, Peshawar

The back page of 13 November carried the picture of Sultan Ahmed Mosque, Turkey; it was not the Grand Mosque of Cordoba. We regret the error.


Narrated Az-Zuhri (R.A):

Salim (R.A) told me, “‘Abdullah bin ‘Umar (R.A) said, ‘I saw Allah’s Apostle (S.A.W) delaying the Maghrib prayer till he offered it along with the Isha prayer whenever he was in a hurry during the journey.’ “ Salim said, “Abdullah bin Umar used to do the same whenever he was in a hurry during the journey. After making the call for Iqama, for the Maghrib prayer he used to offer three Rakat and then perform Tasllm. After waiting for a short while, he would pronounce the Iqama for the ‘Isha’ prayer and offer two Rakat and perform Taslim. He never prayed any Nawafil in between the two prayers or after the ‘Isha’ prayers till he got up in the middle of the night (for Tahajjud prayer).”

Sahih Bukhari, Volume 2, Book 20, Number 210


Lubna Khalid


Shermeen Zuberi

Tooba Ghani

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