By S. K
Fri, 11, 20

All they can see is madness but only Lord knows it’s too heavy for my soul....

Behind the curtain

By Urwah Mushtaq

I am trying to drown my demons

I am searching for a reason to live through

these changing seasons

My head is floating under waters of

endless oblivion

Deadly sorrow flows through these tears

I am helplessly failing to rise above my fears

My hands are entangled in chains of gold

My heels are worn from walking these paths alone

This smile lies of happiness I don’t own

All they can see is madness but only Lord knows it’s too heavy for my soul.

Dreams and mirrors

By Mehreen Shams

There’s no sun rising again in life,

No second coming of youthful dreams

When dreams are blissful,

And feelings unconscious,

There are plenty of mirrors around

There is a perfect you in every one of them

I am at sea regarding this feeling

And my brain is shutting down

The memories of euphoria

It is not in my control now

(Baat Bass sy nikal chuki hai by Faiz Ahmad Faiz)

It is not in my control because my heart is at

ease now.

The enthusiasm is intense now.

Tears have vanished, and

The lamps are extinguished now.

The night of separation has been postponed.

Plenty of messages have been sent.

The gentle breeze for a moment has been blown.

Now you all stars should go to sleep

The night of empathy has deceased.

Translated by Aisha Rehman

Hunting words

By Ali Asghar Ghani

Like a predator

words I write hunt the animal;

wild and mad

living in the woods behind my


Compiled by SK