By Maheen Aziz
Tue, 11, 20

Happy-go-lucky, witty and talented, Zuhab Khan is in conversation with You!

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Zuhab Khan is one of the actors that viewers watched growing up on television. Starting off his career at the age of 4, Khan has performed in countless serials, telefilms, commercials, sitcoms, theatres and films all together. He has now served 15 years of his life to the Pakistani film and drama industry. Zuhab Khan is one of the most talented and youngest artists that we have today in the industry. His first TV show was Perfume Chowk whereas Mann Kay Moti and Omar, Dadi aur Gharwalay were the serials that brought him more fame and respect. Happy-go-lucky, witty and talented, Zuhab Khan is in conversation with You!

How many dramas, films, and commercials have you been a part of?

I don’t even remember; I guess more than 1000 up till now (laughs).

Which one is your favourite drama serial or character?

Guddu in Mann Kay Moti.

One thing that you can’t share with anyone:

My mother and my bond with her.

Who are you extremely possessive about?

I am extremely possessive about Shehroze Sabzwari, Rubaish Khan and Talah Ansari.

Any controversies?

Not really, but people made fun of my first song ‘All Lies’ but I take criticism in my stride.

Anything that is close to your heart?

The watch that I wear today is of my father’s who died when I was very young.

Bad qualities of an actor today:

Too much tantrums and cheap attitude for the place that has given you popularity.

Who is your competition in the industry?

My age-group actors are my friends and the older ones are my seniors, so I do not see anyone as my competition.

Who is your crush?

No one but there were rumours about my relationship with Arisha Khan and Alizey Shah, but that was not true.

Awards or rewards?

I believe in rewards.

Dramas or films?

Of course, films.

Lollywood, Hollywood or Bollywood?

Lollywood, today and forever.

Shopaholic or workaholic?


Any wish that you want to be fulfilled?

Coming on big screen.

Any annoying habit of yours?

I am always excited and very talkative.

What bores you the most?


Go-to person for a relationship advise:

Shehroze bhai.

Relationship lessons:

Relationship only work when you are settled in life and can take responsibilities, otherwise don’t ruin your and other person’s life.

Last time you lied about…

I cancelled a shoot abroad because I wanted to go to an event.

What phone calls you don’t attend?

I usually don’t pick calls (laughs).

Fitness regime?

I wake up at 6 a.m. to go to gym and then on shoot. Also, following a diet plan is very important for me.

What do you do as soon as you wake up?

I check my Instagram.

Emotional or practical?

I am extremely emotional.

What had hurt you the most?

My father’s death and my first breakup.

What makes you uncomfortable?

Once I was just being quiet on a set but then I decided I won’t do it on any other set ever again. That was the first and last time I felt uncomfortable.

Your first pay cheque:

It was of Rs 5,000 for a commercial. I gave it to my mom.

Last time you cried when…

I cried at my father’s death and then never again.

What are your phobias?

Height and deep water.

If you could get invisible for a day, what would you do?

I would rob a bank and shower that money on poor.

Coffee shops, café or dhaba?

Coffee shops.

What makes you angry?


Where do you see yourself in the next 3 years?

I have to work harder for the next 3 years so I can come as a hero.

Do you wish to go to the past or see your future?

Past can’t be undone so I would go in the future.

What do you usually wear on shoots?

I am always dressed up on shoots.

Have you ever flirted with a fan?

Never because my focus has always been on work.

What does Pakistan need?

Rules and regulations.

A message for your fans out there…

There is always a ray of hope after darkness, so we all should wait for tomorrow because present can’t decide our future.