December 15, 2013

From organising a function to managing an event, we have come a long way. How the "functions" of yore became "events" of today owes itself hugely to a new career called event management that slowly took the load of organisation off the shoulders of people who could afford to pay the managers for doing all the dog work.

But that’s not where the managers’ work ends. They have made the entire business of managing events actually aesthetically-pleasing.

Come December and the wedding season begins along with conferences, PR ‘events’ for multinationals and what not. So long before aesthetics, it’s the hassle that is on top of people’s minds. With events managers available at the rate of "dime a dozen", that seems to have changed in recent times, in view of the specialised services available. The trend of hiring event managers for taking up all the responsibility, from inviting guests to catering to decoration of the place to the last detail, seems to have gained currency.

Affordability is not as big a criterion anymore, It is not a luxury as afforded by only a certain class in society. Over a period of time, various new comers in the field of event management have come up with different packages for different set of clients -- ranging from Rs100,000 to Rs 5million and even more -- keeping in view the client’s budget.

The most interesting aspect is how you think women the moment you think event management. It is amazing how women have shown their entrepreneurial skills and creative faculties in organising mega events for the family as well as the corporate sector.

While the facility gives the clients a stress-free event, it also caters to our active lifestyle, where elder family members are mostly working full-time. In that case, it adds to the joy and merriment of the occasion if they can afford to have some extra time and energy to celebrate the much-awaited day.

Most of the event managers in Pakistan are a product of their creative and entrepreneurial faculties, without the assistance of university courses and professional training. If event management is taught as a separate and complete subject, as is the case in many developed countries, it would bring in more professionalism and competition in the field. That would change the scene for the better, perhaps for the best. Because we have already seen how good better looks.