A little secret in Potohar

A little secret in Potohar

Home of the Indian Army General Zorawar Chand Bakhshi, famous as India’s most decorated General, lies in the fertile land of Guliyana Village of Gujur Khan Tehsil in Rawalpindi District of Pakistan.

Gujur Khan is a beautiful area with relics from the Sikh and Mughal era.

In the lush green fertile fields of Guliyana, stand two beautiful structures of Sikh architecture. They have remained relatively unaffected by the growing jungle of cement and iron due to their location amid cultivated lands.

Close to these lie two samadhi structures between which one can find old wells and ancient Banyan trees.

The temple is believed to have been built by a nenowned, Sikh Bakhshmi Moti Ram, who was the grandfather of Tek Chand. This structure is made of stone covered with a plaster of limestone and clay mixed with red colour, giving it a reddish tinge. One side of the structure broke when a nearby Banyan tree fell on it in a recent storm.

These structures are in custody of the Hindu Auqaf Department which as usual has leased them to local people and is sleeping over expenditure on its upkeep. Local people use them for storage of firewood and animal fodder.

A number of old wells in working condition still exist near the samadhi complex. The Samadhi structure has an outer verandah covered by arches. The internal structure still has fresco painted scenes depicting the Hindu deities and the Sikh gurus.

A particular image of Vishnu resting on the sesanaga or the king of Naga is interesting imagery not depicted in other temples of the area. The main samadhi is next to a small samadhi structure having a dome. The paintings in the dome depict lord Shiva, Parvati along with some floral designs, Sikh gurus and trees.

Almost one kilometre from the samadhi, stands another lone samadhi structure, this also has a floral painted dome from the inside in a very good condition.

The beautiful structures are a few of the heritage sites spread across the Potohar plateau. It is indeed a treat to visit and watch these places.

A little secret in Potohar