London Calling

July 13, 2014

If you're looking for the IT holiday destination, London is where everyone’s headed this year!

London Calling

As temperatures have begun to soar, celebs and A-listers have packed their bags and head out in one direction. From Bollywood superstars and international fashionistas to the crème de la crème of Pakistan, everyone’s vacation destination list is London. Probably the most beloved city among all local designers, models and socialites alike, Britain’s capital has been a mecca for fashion and bespoke living. Whether you head there because it’s a summer ritual or because you want to be spotted hob-nobbing with the who’s who of town, come June and the café outside Harrod’s becomes the most featured spot in all holiday photos. We bring you some of our favourite celebrities and designers out and about in one of Europe’s most historic cities these days…

Ali Zafar

With London being a yearly vacation destination for the star, Ali headed to the Big Ben with friends to support the Fashion Parade. From relaxing in the park and strumming on his guitar, drenched in sunlight, to roaming around the cobbled streets with his closest friends, Ali enjoyed his time off from a hectic shooting schedule. "It was an amazing 2-week vacation with family and friends in London. The most refreshing part was discovering the serene and beautiful Lake District and staying by England’s largest lake, Windermere. For me it was more of a spiritual retreat,” says the superstar.

Deepak Perwani, Tapu Javeri and Nubain Ali

Ayesha Omar and Anoushey Ashraf aren’t the only friends who jetted to London for the summer. Karachi trio Deepak Perwani, Tapu Javeri and Nubain Ali were seen thoroughly enjoying the city’s temperate summer, goofing in front of the Big Ben and generally taking the town by storm with their irreverent antics. "Little Ben with 3 Mad Men" is what the caption for this picture reads on Tapu’s Facebook profile! From stumbling upon a photoshoot on Portobello Road to sneaking a photo of the ‘Robert’ at the Paul Smith store to exploring the British Museum, their adventures could fill this entire page. And with Tapu’s stunning photographs capturing it all, maybe that’s another feature for another day.

Ayesha F. Hashwani

Spotted in London last month for the Fashion Parade at Kensington Palace, Karachi-based designer Ayesha Hashwani showcased her S/S ’14 collection to rave reviews. Looking chic as always at the event, Ayesha paired slim-fitting black pants with a black and beige lace top and her signature cascading, blonde hair. "I thoroughly enjoyed participating in the Fashion Parade and getting a chance to spend three albeit whirlwind days in my favourite city," she claims.

Ayesha Omar and Anoushey Ashraf

With a friendship that traces back to the beginning of their celluloid careers, best friends Ayesha Omar and Anoushey Ashraf regularly take holidays together. The vivacious stars enjoy an affinity for healthy living, sports and adventure and are known for their wanderlust. This year, they spent a chilled-out summer in London, and were spotted at the Grand Slam event of the year, Wimbledon, with tennis star Aisam-ul-Haq. "We were the noisiest bunch in the courts as we cheered our hero, Aisam, who aced all the matches in the mixed doubles to reach the semis. What a huge honour for Pakistan!" said an excited Ayesha. "We also saw Federer play and that was quite an epic moment too."


Shehla Chatoor

The glamorous designer shared a picture of herself and her gorgeous family with Shilpa Shetty while roaming around in London. Shilpa may be the Bollywood diva here but Shehla looks equally, if not more, va-va-voom! In fact, she looks stunning in every picture from her vacation, definitely winning the Yummy Mummy award. Her daughter Shazareah also bumped into Bollywood hunk Vivek Oberoi making it a rather star-studded vacation for the family.

London Calling