Winter Wonderland

September 21, 2014

Transition your home for fall/winter with these seven simple steps

Winter Wonderland

Come September and summer’s soaring temperatures give way to cooler climes, heralding change, be it in your garden or of the sartorial variety. Autumn beckons and as you rush to transition your wardrobe from summer to fall why not also give your humble abode a seasonal spruce? Just like with your wardrobe, the key is to choose the correct pieces for revamping as opposed to an entire redecorating overhaul (oh the horror!). To guarantee that your home transitions as seamlessly as your closet, we spoke to Saad A. Kureshi, design expert and architect at Architects Inc. for some tips and tricks to help you give your home a fall facelift.

1: Lig

ht matters more than you think! According to Saad, warm or dim lighting always give spaces a cosy, romantic feel. White light is generally found to be stark and works better in the summer as opposed to winters. For the cinemas that Saad has designed, he always opts for dim, yellow light to give the audience a more intimate experience. So giving your room a new look can be as simple as changing the colour of light bulbs from white to yellow or installing a strategically-placed floor lamp in favour of a brighter chandelier. Turkish inspired ceiling lamps with their intricate, Ottoman designs win our approval for this trend though!

2: Along with light, colour is another important factor in changing the look of any given space. Dark, earthy tones allude to winter while a palette of whites and pastels make a room look more cool and airy. Instead of an entire new paint job for winters, why not just change the colour of one wall to a dark hue with texture for added effect as Saad recommends? Or if the hassle of dealing with repainting gives you hives, then cushion covers or a rug in rich hues of burgundy, plum or maroon (shades that also happen to be Fall 2014′s go to lipstick colours) can be a great addition to making your room look as on trend as you this winter.

3: Te

xtures and materials also play a vital role in alluding to seasons. Saad explains that sheer or lightweight fabrics are more summery while plush velvet adds instant cosiness. An armchair or foot-rest reupholstered in velvet or a dark leather chair added to the room will always make a space look more snug and comfortable. Or you could take a cue from Burberry’s IT fall accessory, the blanket cape and throw a quilted afghan over a sofa or your bed. Not only will this look good but the afghan will also serve a purpose aka snuggling with a loved one on a cold winter day!

4: Decorative candles and incense burners always adorn some surface in just about every household. Saad suggests utilizing these decorative items instead of simply displaying them. A room lit only by candlelight not only looks romantic but also gives an effect of added warmth. If you’re not a fan of the inevitable wax spill that follows, opt for a faux candle instead. Available readily in the market, these candles look exactly like normal wax ones but are battery-operated and no fuss! Plus a faux candle also does away with the smoky smell once the candle has been put out and is a more child-friendly option.

5: Winter finally means your gardens and backyard are functional again. From afternoon teas to barbeques at night, you can switch all events outdoors. Saad recommends extending your season of outdoor entertaining by heating up chilly autumn nights with a functional and fashionable fire pit. Portal fire pits, the kind that characterize all winter weddings in Pakistan, can add warmth to chilly outdoor events while earning you high points for stylish functionality.


: Wood is another material that is synonymous with winters. Wooden accents in and around your room, especially in a dark, rich shade, automatically make it look warmer. If redoing your entire floor in wooden (or faux for that matter) panels is too great  a project for winters, then a simple wooden table or shelves added to the wall will also do the trick. Paired with dark upholstery (inspired by the colours of autumn) will make any space feel cosy and comfortable. But remember the polish of the wood should be dark rather than light for this to work!

7: The impression a person forms of your home begins right at the doorstep. Saad is a great proponent of dressing up your door. To bring charm to your entryway add golden, red, and orange leaves to a plain wheat wreath for your front door, and plant red and orange mums in outdoor planters. You could also replace your old foot mat in favour of one stripped in autumnal shades to cohesively tie the look of your winter wonderland. To take this trend one step further use placemats, table runners and tablecloths in rich shades of the fall palette to provide an instant glow to your table, which is an inexpensive way to decorate your dining room.

Winter Wonderland