When men reign on the red carpet

October 25, 2015

Flash your style

When men reign on the red carpet

We’re all too familiar with women and their swashbuckling red carpet style but the men are usually cast on the back-burner when it comes to glamour. Not anymore! With all these dashing specimens out there for optical indulgence, we feel it’s time for women to feast their eyes…and why not! We believe in gender equality and while the carpet is where women reign supreme, we can allow a bit of a bender every now and then.

Who: Hasnain Lehri
Where: Lux Style Awards, 2015

We love model Hasnain Lehri’s trendy take on the traditional shalwar kameez. The clean lines of the all-back ensemble make a dapper style statement while the dash of colour afforded by that stylish pocket pin and the gold-capped shoes look super-cool.

Who: Justin Trudeau
Where: Again, who? The newly elected  Prime Minister of Canada

Justin Trudeau’s good looks and unconventional style has us hooked. He’s dressing the part these days but in younger photos, Trudeau looks a bit like designer Zac Posen with a smidgen of Matthew McConaughey thrown in. What else? Justin could become the first PM with a tattoo. His left shoulder is covered with a large tattoo of the planet Earth surrounded by a Haida raven. We approve!

Who: Jahan e Khalid
Where: Lux Style Awards, 2015

Jahan e Khalid has been prominent on the catwalks for many years now, known for his statuesque height and poise. He was nominated for Best Model (Male), 2014 and while he did not win, he did win full marks for this unique look. Nomi Ansari designed the bespoke jacket made from pure, thick jacquard brocade, which was customized with a JK logo. Paired with straight, skinny pants, Jahan e Khalid did paint a picture of royalty.

Who: Daniel Craig
Where: Spectre, the hotly anticipated James Bond film

Tom Ford has retained his position as official outfitter to James Bond for the third consecutive film. Ford came on board for Quantum of Solace, replacing Italian brand Brioni, which had designed all of the suits worn by Craig’s predecessor Pierce Brosnan. What’ll interest you is that the Tom Ford suits, that Craig wears, average at £2,000 each, with cufflinks that go up to $3,800 (on his website). But he’s so worth it!

Who: Asim Reza
Where: Lux Style Awards, 2015

You really can’t go wrong with a well-tailored suit and the unassuming Asim Reza proves that to become an unlikely style star at the LSA red carpet. The polka dotted tie and lapel pin add a touch of fun to the classic black attire and the end result is simple yet sophisticated.

When men reign on the red carpet