March 27, 2016

Instep rounds up the best hair and make-up trends spotted at PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week.


Plait it up

If braids are reminiscent of school girls for you, you’re doing it wrong. From the red carpet to the runway, every fashionista was worth her salt sported braids at fashion week. Whether it’s a reverse dutch-braid or pigtail plaits, try a modern take on this old beauty staple to update your look this spring.

Nude Lips

After at least two years of everything being wine stained and Bordeaux, the nude lip is making a comeback. Think dusty rose for the lips; pale shades, almost like whispers of colour, that enhance your natural lips rather than define them.



Right down the Middle 

Military dictator Zia-ul-Haq’s Brylcreem-ed centre-part probably caused our national narrative to shift away from fashion’s beloved look but we’re recovering now. Slick, centre-parted hair is all the rage. Poker straight hair, that’s reviving the dreaded hair-straightner, is parted down the middle and either left hanging or tied into a sleek, low ponytail or nape of the neck bun.


Retro Reflective 

While this might not strictly be a beauty look it’s definitely turning into a defining trend for this season; round, reflective sunglasses that transport you back to the realm of retro. Add a reflective pair for a fun daytime look or a rose tinted pair at night for eclectic style.