BEAUTY STATION! Backstage Secrets

May 15, 2016

Models reveal the best tips and tricks they’ve picked up over the years working with some of the best make-up artists in the industry.

BEAUTY STATION! Backstage Secrets

If there’s anyone who knows a thing or two about make-up (after the make-up artists, of course) it’s the models. Their life revolves around getting dolled up, day in and out and sporting many different avatars within the space of a day. From soft, neutral looks to over the top, avant garde styling, these leggy lasses have seen it all and generally have a stock of tips and tricks in their beauty arsenal for achieving flawless finish. Instep spoke to some of our top models to bring you their best kept secrets; top tricks of the trade they’ve learnt over the years to make you look like a whole team helped you get dressed.

Zara Peerzada

This pint sized stunner has been modelling since her teens and has worked with some of the biggest names in the industry. Peerzada reveals that she generally prefers doing her own base since artists sometimes have a tendency of veering towards cakey foundation in lieu of the fact that it’ll last longer. The red headed poser divulged that she preps her hair herself on the day of the shoot since she has fine hair which tends to fall limp if not treated with care. "I wash my hair the day of the shoot, prep it with my favourite volumizing serum (we discovered the potion is called Thicker, Fuller Hair) and then blow dry it myself. The stylist can then build on this base and create any hairstyle, without having to worry about the hair falling flat. My favourite trick though is to powder my lips before applying lip colour. Not only does this help mattify a sheer or shiny lipstick but also makes your lip colour last throughout the day," she claims. We’re stocking up on translucent powder immediately!

Alyzeh Gabol

Alyzeh Gabol returns in front of the camera after a hiatus. The svelte beauty tied the knot and then took a break from modelling to start a family. She’s back now, with renewed vigour, all geared up for lawn season. Gabol claims that her go-to look is natural, barely there make-up that looks effortless and takes little time to achieve. "I love creating a look using a single colour. I’ll take the nude lipstick I’m wearing and dab a little on my cheeks and use it on my eyelids as well. This makes your entire face look put together instantly, a cohesive beauty look if you will, that looks natural and makes your complexion glow. This is definitely my most loved trick," she states. Bobbi Brown’s Soft Rose presents itself as the ideal contender for achieving this nude, lit from within effect.

Anum Malik

There’s barely a single, major brand that Malik hasn’t shot for. A rising star of the fashion circuit, this versatile model has the ability to transform from an innocent ingénue to a vampy vixen in a blink, simply by emoting with her eyes. Malik’s favourite tricks involve playing up or down her best features. "I use a highlighter very liberally on my cheekbones; in fact it might just be my favourite beauty product since it has the ability to transform your face. I use shimmer to draw attention to my high cheekbones and to open my eyes. I have small eyes and they can look even more pinched with eye liner so I eschew wearing stark liner in favour of lashing up with mascara.  My go-to look is to lightly define my crease for depth, then add light lashes, mascara and highlight the inner corner of my eyes, the bridge of my nose and cheeks," said the dusky beauty. If you’re looking for a product to help you achieve the perfect highlight then head on over to the Body Shop and pick up a jar of their Vitamin E illuminating creme. You can thank us later!



BEAUTY STATION! Backstage Secrets