"Proud to say I’m a Pakistani"

August 14, 2016

-- Dhiren Kumar, a student of Class 10 who loves to play outdoors

Pakistan, one of the largest youth power in the world, is currently going through a lot of problems. Unfortunately, these problems are most criticised by our own youth who spend their quality time in pointing out these problems on social media and elsewhere, instead of solving them.

Sadly, most of them believe that they have got nothing from Pakistan and thus they portray a negative image of Pakistan in front of the entire world. They highlight just the negative side of the picture, forgetting the positive side due to which they are actually identified.

Pakistan has given us an identity sometimes in the name of a green passport that we sadly use to portray a negative image. Pakistan is the first Islamic country to attain nuclear weapons. Pakistan has the sixth largest military force in the world. Edhi foundation is running the world’s largest ambulance network.

Pakistan has given us everything -- from our birth till the day we die. Most of the youth are just aiming for a better opportunity abroad so that they live their lives selfishly.

The only way we could give back to our country is that we stand by all its ups and downs and make ourselves a better human being. This would in turn make us help others in many ways. Let it be promoting education or helping someone in need or maybe just abiding by the laws of the country would be a perfect way to give back to our country.

As a youth I should be quite proud of my country but, unfortunately, this is not the case nowadays. We see our politics as a joke or a drama and we wish to be a silent audience or maybe sometimes spending our free time in a jalsa would make our weekend perfect.

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We should remember the quote "Cast your vote but do not vote your caste." Because we never support a cause, neither do we create a noble cause. We are living in a fool’s paradise if we are voting our caste even when it doesn’t deserve to be voted.

So, it’s we who had the right to choose our leaders but we failed to do so, hence failing to be a proper Pakistani. This has certainly affected our economy because we are not one, we are not honest. We are Sindhis, Punjabis, Pathans and Balochis but, sadly, we have failed to become a Pakistani.

We see our politics as a joke and we wish to be a silent audience or maybe sometimes spending our time in a jalsa would make our weekend perfect.

If you consider any successful economy of the world you will find that they are a nation -- may be they are Americans or they are Germans but they are united. It’s always easier to talk rather than doing something good, that’s what we are doing on our social websites, which is not the correct freedom of expression.

Pakistan has one of the most beautiful places like Northern Areas. I would like to change Pakistan’s political system. I am proud to say that I’m a Pakistani.

We should be thankful to our country for giving us so much. We should spend time, thinking how will we be able to return this huge debt that has always benefited us. We should be proud of our country rather than criticising it because whatever we are today is only due to Pakistan.

"Proud to say I’m a Pakistani"