BEAUTY STATION! Top beauty trends in 2017

December 31, 2017

BEAUTY STATION! Top beauty trends in 2017


Beauty trends are ever evolving. What was all the rage a few months back can slide into oblivion as soon as some new trend hits the market. But some looks and styles are either classic or strong enough to stay perennially in vogue, and as we enter 2018, it is the perfect time to look back at some of the hair and makeup trends that ruled 2017 and have no chance of dying out any time soon.

Instep got in touch with renowned image consultant Nabila in a bid to know more about quirky hair and show-stopping makeup trends.

Here are some of the best beauty trends that continue to make waves.

Dewy skin & strobing

Be it on fashion runways or red carpets, flawless dewy skin with strobing took centre stage. Strobing gives a very natural dewy skin without the harsh lines and layers of foundation. The natural glow gives an automatic radiance and youthful appeal. According to Nabila, strobing is a technique that adds a hint of shimmer and a beautiful glow.

Of metallic finishes

2017 was all about flaunting metallic shades. We saw fun silvers, bronze and golds shining bright on the eyes, nails and in some instances even on the lips. Though metallics were a trend for summer, this trend lingered on. "Our makeup trends for 2017 had cosmic metallic finishes; I see it making its way through Spring/Summer2018," observed Nabila.

Glitter, glitter everywhere

Glittery makeup ruled this year and we witnessed the sparkly craze on lips, nails and even on the eyes in the form of glittery eye liners. "Sparkling eyes, lips, and nails, we just love glitter. Apart from glitter, blingy rhinestones were also used in makeup," noted the expert. The main aim was to take makeup to a fun new level by adding shimmering rhinestones to the face, especially at the outer corner of the eyes.

Flattering lobs

"Long bob, also called lob was one of the hottest hairstyles in 2017," shared Nabila. Lob is one cut that somehow manages to look universally flattering on all hair types and face shapes and it’s a classic so there’s no fear of it going out of style.

Freehand colour

"One hair dyeing technique that made waves in 2017 was the freehand hair colouring technique," Nabila told Instep. Freehand hair colouring ensures a smooth stroke of colour while giving a blended yet natural look with no harsh or obvious lines. It’s a great method if you want to refresh your colour but don’t want to go for a bold colour overhaul.

Pony braids with hair embellishments

Regarding hair trends, Nabila said, "In 2017, variations of ponytails became talk of the town. And aptly decorated and highly embellished pony braids were one such style that gave a fun twist to the good old ponytail." Adding braid creates a lot more texture and dimension to a standard ponytail giving that effortlessly chic look.

Bold nails

There were a number of nail trends on show in the year 2017. When asked about nail trends, Nabila shared that Ombré nails and Swarovski crystal art work were really popular and will be seen trending through 2018 as well.

Pastel hair colours

According to the stylist, "Pastel hair colours ruled 2017." From baby pinks to blues and greens, when it came to pastel hair there were tons of options to go for. Pastel hair colours were a fun and youthful way to change the entire look.

Beach wave textures

The ever-stylish, beachy waves look is one of the most adored beauty hair trends. "Just like lobs, beach waves also look flattering on any hair length. And the year 2017 was all about letting your hair take the sartorial centre stage. Beach waves also called Mermaid waves were the ‘it’ look of 2017," noted Nabila.

BEAUTY STATION! Top beauty trends in 2017