Junaid Khan’s fitness mantra during Ramazan

June 3, 2018

Junaid Khan’s fitness mantra during Ramazan


Singer, songwriter and actor Junaid Khan, who re-created the magic of the ‘Pakistan Zindabad’ chant with his band Call on Pakistan Day (March 23), is currently appearing in multiple TV serials including Silsilay, Ishq Tamasha and Khasara among others. As an actor, Junaid has essayed a diverse set of roles in a number of TV plays such as Mata-e-Jaan Hai Tu, Kadoorat, Yeh Mera Deewanapan Hai and Tumhari Maryam and has certainly proven his mettle.

When it comes to fitness and health, the artist believes that a healthy lifestyle goes a long way and even during the month of Ramazan, Junaid makes sure to maintain a healthy routine, exercise and incorporate the required nutrients in his diet to stay healthy and active. However, he believes that once in a while a cheat meal is necessary. As far as nutritional requirements are concerned, the actor believes that it is important to include complex carbs along with proteins in the diet.

"In my opinion, men who regularly go for intense workouts should have carbohydrates as a major portion of their meal."

Instep got in touch with the actor to find out about his fitness regime and how he stays fit…

Fasting routine

Healthy living is all about staying active with a workout routine that suits your body best but come Ramazan and one’s entire routine changes. With a balanced diet and proper exercise plan, one can remain in shape and most importantly stay active even when one is fasting.

"In normal days I usually workout before breakfast but during the fasting period, I prefer a mild workout before going to bed as I believe that it is the best time to burn some fat. And I make sure to have lots of water at seher and iftaar along with a proper healthy meal," he shared. "Also, yoghurt is a must sehri item for me as it is a good source of protein and the best part is that it helps in mitigating thirst."

Though Junaid Khan is very particular about consuming the right levels of carbs and proteins with fewer spices at seher, he shared that at iftaar pakoray are a must. "I am quite weight conscious, but iftaar for me is incomplete without pakoray. But I avoid sugar in any form like our laal sharbat, artificial sweeteners etc. and the only sweet that I consume is sugar from fruits. Moreover, I try to conserve as much energy as I can when I am fasting."

Exercise regime

When it comes to working out, Junaid is of the view that one must not be too hard on oneself. "I firmly believe that workout should be a part of your lifestyle. Workout doesn’t only mean hitting the gym every single day and going for a hardcore, intense routine. The most important thing is to understand your body and how it functions," he shared.

According to the actor, when you are young it is quite easy to go for an extensive workout, however, as you age your body might not need it. It entirely depends on your age and also depends on how much time you can spare to work out. "When I am really occupied with work and don’t get much time then I rely on bodyweight workouts like squats and burpees at home. They are simple and quite easy. I think that 20 to 30 minutes of workout is good enough if you want to maintain yourself," he asserted.

Motivation to stay fit

Life in general motivates the singer turned actor to stay healthy and fit. "When I feel lazy and sluggish I actually feel bad about myself. So I make sure to move my muscles during the day and workout." He added, "In my opinion if you stay physically active only then you can enjoy your life to the fullest. Keeping yourself physically active can relieve you of stress and maintain your mental and physical health. I absolutely believe that I need to be physically fit and active for myself and for the people around me and that’s quite enough motivation for me to stay healthy and happy."

Advice corner

With the scorching weather it is important to stay hydrated and for that Junaid advises to drink plenty of water both at seher and after you break your fast.

"If you feel thirsty while you are fasting try to consume yoghurt in your sehri meal. Another way is to avoid cold water entirely. I make sure to consume warm water because not only does it cleanse your body but helps mitigate thirst as well. The colder the water, the thirstier you will feel," he concluded.

Junaid Khan’s fitness mantra during Ramazan