"Workouts keep me fresh and active"

September 9, 2018

Celeb Health

In 2016 model turned actor Tooba Siddiqui returned to the limelight with Mehreen Jabbar’s film Dobara Phir Se, after taking a short career break. She also made her TV comeback after a gap of four years with drama serial Iltija that addressed the subject of a common medical condition, Down Syndrome. As an actor, Tooba has a number of plays to her credit including Bol Meri Machli, Dil Hai Chota Sa and Noor Bano among others. Currently, the actor is appearing in family drama Tum Se He Taluq Hai alongside Syed Jibran.

When it comes to fitness and health, the artist and mother of two believes that a healthy lifestyle is the key to happiness. Tooba makes sure to maintain a healthy routine by exercising and incorporating a lot of vegetables especially greens in her diet.

Instep got in touch with the actor to find out about her fitness regime. Read on to find out how Tooba stays fit.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle

According to Tooba, she prefers simple home cooked food. "I don’t eat out much. However, when I am travelling it becomes a little difficult to get home cooked meals so I make sure to have salad with my meals as greens are very important for your health. I consume lots of greens, veggies and lentils," she said.

Tooba shared it is not an easy job to maintain yourself especially when you are a working mom. "I think being a mom helps me in certain ways; I have to run around my kids all day long, which is tiring, fun and keeps me active as well."

Healthy eating habits

Tooba is an early riser and she firmly believes that meals have to be taken on time. She added, "I have a healthy breakfast which is followed by a nutritious lunch. And most importantly I have an early dinner which is at 7 or 7:30 max."

Workout routine

The actor makes it a point to workout regularly and hits the gym every morning after dropping her kids to school. "My workout routine keeps me fresh and active all day long."

Talking about exercises, Tooba said that she doesn’t do cardio exercises as she doesn’t have too much fat to lose. "I do a lot of muscle gaining but what I normally prefer to do is squats and focus on my abs."

Mental health vs. physical health

"It goes without saying that mental health is of utmost importance if you want to maintain your physical health," stressed Tooba. "Your mental health actually helps you stay fit, active and most importantly happy. So make sure that you focus on your mental health and seek help if you are suffering from depression, anxiety etc."

Motivation to stay fit

Tooba shares that her kids motivate her to stay fit as a mother. "I want to be fit as a fiddle because when they grow up I want them to have a sexy and cool mom."

Piece of advice

A tip that the artist swears by is drinking lots of warm water. "Water is very important for your body as you have to be hydrated all the time, especially in a city like Karachi." Tooba continued, "If you want to be fit that should be for your own happiness. In my opinion when you stay fit you are physically and mentally stable, your days are better and I think everyone should opt for a healthy lifestyle."

"Workouts keep me fresh and active"