September 29, 2019

Incidents of child abuse serve as a stark reminder of our failure to protect our children

As incidents of child abuse continue to surface, they serve as a stark reminder of our failure on an individual and collective level to protect our children. The vows we made after the previous series of harrowing child abuse cases emerged from the Punjab’s Kasur district remain criminally unfulfilled.

At the government level, there is a need to formulate a comprehensive child protection policy that is implemented in every part of the country through laws that reflect a sincerity to truly protect our children. Beyond the legislative process, the government needs to ensure infrastructural support complemented through the availability of resources.

But are we not all responsible for our children? What of our responsibility as citizens and as a society?

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Awareness through educational components may serve as an important role in shattering taboos associated with the subject of sexual abuse. For this, we need to open our minds to the wisdom that is offered by professional educationists and practitioners. Parents need to shed their fear of talking to their children about abuse. Media campaigns need to address the subject to generate a deeper awareness among the people. Activists have already been demanding our attention. It is time we pay heed.

Our children need us. We cannot keep letting them down.