Paradise Lost

May 10, 2020

When the prime minister gives tongue, he keeps pass. He was keeping pass, till this Krona Kapoor invaded the country with the help of RAA. There is a big, big constipacy taking place. ’Leet have taken over the country. The ’leet imposed the laak down, without telling ’Mran. He found out the next day only. And then the laak down was extended to 9th of Maee. PM Saab had just come out of his lentil bath. He was ’bout to feed raa meat to djinns when he was told that RAA had pulled a fast one. He was left hakka bakka. Nobady knew except the prinicipal secty. He is the one doing constipacy with the Elders of Zion.

I am telling you ji, the ’leet had taken over the Ministry beforehand even, using mala fydee tactics. The secty was moving files to the PM affice behind my back. Krona can ’tack from below and fram behind. I was playing aan the front foot. I was perfarming. Bayrocracy was not liking it. They were lighting the matchstick and filling the ears of the prime minister.

The ’leet also want to laak down the masks. Haoo we can in the month of Ra ma daan? Hain? I don’t think so that we can do lathi charaj on Maulana Popalzai. He will take the Qasim Ali Khan mask to Jalalabad and we will never have Eid again. We can naat arrest Brother Brother. He will start making soosai jackets. So, the PM has decided that we shall read travian, shoulder to shoulder and commit a collective soosai. That will show the ’leet.

Little Fra’saab is a kitten. I have aften given him milk in a saacer. If Big Fra’saab was alive, he would have him writing on takhti that “the pen is mightier than the sword” before he asked him to become murgha in the karner. Little Byewa’saab is no kitten. He will make sure that those who saqweal too much, become murgha, in the Cabnet Room, before they become yakhni in the NAB cooker. Little Fra’saab will be taaking to the media. Little Byewa’saab will be taaking to Big Byewa’saab. Tabdeeli is not coming, tabdeeli has come. We are aal on the same to same page. Naoo we know which page.

Gill’saab is faand of taaking to the media. He will soon find out the price of flour and lentils. Little Byewa’saab will soon send him a tape. This will naat be the red tape of the principal secty. This will sit aan his mouth like an N95 mask. Aaf course, he shall be able to breathe through it. Breathing is alloud under the 18th ’mendment. Breathing too much is naat in the national interest. The ’leet want to breathe too much. The poor want daily bread, black lentils and raa meat to survive.

The PM has asked the Tiger Force to eat the ’leet.

Aftaar Mubarak

Yours Truly,

The Former Minister,

The Ministry of Truth

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Paradise Lost