Ahsan Khan’s fitness mantra

June 7, 2020

The actor and host stresses that he’s found cycling to be the best way to stay active and healthy during this global pandemic.

An actor par excellence, Ahsan Khan is known for his intense roles in drama serials Udaari, Aangan and Alif, amongst many others. Apart from acting, Ahsan has also been hosting a celebrity talk show, which has managed to create quite a buzz. Presently, the actor and host is gearing up for his upcoming drama serial, Bandhay Ek Dor Say that stars Ushna Shah and Hina Altaf in lead roles.

While life has slowed down due to the coronavirus pandemic, Ahsan Khan says he remains motivated to stay in shape, when there is no access to gyms.

Making healthy choices

The actor claims that he is not a health freak but he tries to be very conscious of what he consumes during the day. “I try to stick to a healthy regime, but because my schedules are tied up, at times I tend to deviate from it,” says Ahsan.

“I also believe that if you feel like indulging in a dessert or some fried stuff, etc, you shouldn’t deprive yourself. However, make sure you don’t go overboard – quantity really matters,” he adds.

Eating preferences

Speaking of what he consumes during the day, the actor and host reveals that before the lockdown, he used to go to the gym regularly in the morning, after having a wholesome breakfast, which includes proteins and some fibre. “For lunch, I prefer having fish or chicken, either baked or made in some coconut or olive oil. A salad is also a must with every meal, as it is quite filling and healthy at the same time.

He continues, “I take a very light dinner by 8 o’clock. In between, I go for snacks such as seasonal fruits, which are my weakness. Moreover, I love dry fruits such as almonds and cashew nuts, so nuts are also included in my daily diet.”

Ahsan Khan shares that he tries to avoid white bread, rice, pasta and refined sugar as much as possible but if he indulges once, then he abstains for the rest of the week. He goes on to say that healthy juices such as watermelon juice are part of his diet as well.

“These days I am having this healthy juice, which is made of apple, lemon, carrot and cinnamon; it is yummy and quite filling as well. Not to forget my absolute favourite, masala chai, which is made of cinnamon, ginger and honey, all these ingredients are quite beneficial for our health,” he informs, adding that he takes chia seeds or tukhm balanga (basil seeds) as they have a lot of nutrients.

Workout regime

Due to the global contagion, there is literally no access to gyms so Ahsan encourages everyone to go cycling mainly because it is one of the best cardio exercises. “I used to go to the gym but these days I’m loving my cycle and whenever I get time, I go cycling. It is a great exercise, it is refreshing and most importantly, it has a feel happy factor attached to it. Cycling around the neighborhood, jogging or brisk walking is what keeps me active these days,” he explains.

“Just don’t sit idle at home; go jogging or go for a 40-45 minutes brisk walk daily, whenever you get the time,” he asserts.

Ahsan Khan advises all his fans to stay active and on the move, whether it is skipping, walking or jogging. “Besides this, I firmly believe that one should read, watch, draw, write and reflect on your life now that you have plenty of time.”

Importance of mental health

It is a very difficult time for everyone and the actor stresses to focus on your mental health as well. “Take your mental health very seriously. We have to understand that there is so much clutter in your mind, especially in these times when the use of social media has increased manifold. What they do is just give us all kinds of information and no knowledge. De-clutter your mind, give your brain a break from these gadgets and have a good night’s sleep; it makes a lot of difference. Make use of this time; meditate and focus on your well being. Take yourself very seriously and prioritize what is important to you, like your family, health, etc. This quarantine has taught us that the materialistic life we have been running after all our lives is not worth it. Count your blessings; don’t take things for granted, live your life to the fullest. It is time we should come out of the rat race.”

Coronavirus: Ahsan Khan’s fitness mantra