“I’d rather spend on skin care than makeup.”

June 7, 2020

Actress Zoya Nasir reveals her beauty routine and skin secrets while in self isolation.

Staying indoors and practising social distancing has become the new norm. With ample time on hand, some of our favourite celebrities have taken to social media to show their fans how they’re dealing with self-isolation. Many have started their own cooking shows, while some have been sharing their beauty regimens.

Upcoming actress Zoya Nasir, who most recently featured in drama serial Deewangi and is all set to appear in the much-anticipated Zebaish alongside Zara Noor Abbas and Bushra Ansari, shares her skin care regimen and what she stashes in her makeup bag...

Zoya’s daily skin care routine

“My morning skin care regime includes gently exfoliating my skin with Garnier skin active for at least a minute,” shares Zoya adding that the product has salicylic acid, exfoliating granules and a mattifying mask which keeps her skin from secreting sebum.

“Then I mix together vitamin C serum and hyaluronic acid and massage them into my face and neck area. Lastly, I apply a sun block with spf 50 to protect my skin from harmful rays,” she explains.

Talking about her night time routine, the actress says, “Before going to bed I exfoliate with sea salt mixed with coconut oil to get the dirt and pollution off my face, while moisturizing it at the same time. After that I apply retinol-based cream around the eye area and laughter lines to prevent fine lines. I then top it off by massaging ostrich oil on my face and neck area, so that my skin repairs itself while I’m asleep, resulting in glowing and fresh skin.”

According to her, she drinks plenty of water and consumes loads of vegetables, fruits and egg whites. “Egg whites reduce the appearance of pores, water keeps the skin hydrated, vegetables delay the process of ageing and fruits help your skin glow,” she informs.

She further went on to say that the key is to gently exfoliate and moisturize on a daily basis. “Exfoliation gets rid of dead skin and a good quality moisturizer keeps your skin smooth and supple.”

Moreover, the Deewangi actress reveals that whenever she feels her skin has been over exposed to the sun, she applies aloe vera gel mixed with coconut oil and leaves it on her skin for around 15 minutes. “This DIY mask works wonders,” she says.

The secret to her lush hair

On the secret behind her beautiful long tresses, the actress who made her debut with Hania says, “It is quite simple: wash them on alternate days and do not towel dry. Make sure to use conditioner just on the ends and not on the scalp. Avoid purchasing off the rack shampoos and shampoos that contain paraben. If you want to protect your hair from the sun apply argan oil and lastly, delay the process of dyeing your hair as much as you can.”

Her signature beauty look

The actress shares that she prefers wearing very light makeup - close to no makeup – when she is not shooting for a project. “My makeup for every occasion is as follows: I wear sun block instead of foundation, put at least two coats of mascara, lip and cheek tint; including some tint on the nose and chin. Also, I use a dried-up mascara on my brows for some definition. Sounds weird but looks good if you have good and even skin tone,” she shares.

As far as her signature look is concerned, Zoya says that it has to be cool rimmed eyes with lip tint and loosely blow-dried hair with loads of volume. However due to no salon trips, lately it has been a high pony tail.

Zoya’s makeup bag is full of…

“All sorts of stuff including Rivaj sun block, Tintastic lip and cheek tint (my absolute favourite), lash extreme mascara by Essence. Also, you will find a Luscious cosmetics contour kit, Maybelline age rewind concealer, Go Natural coconut oil, Ostruce face oil in my makeup kit.” She continues, “Then there is vitamin C skin serum by The Ordinary, Rivaj kajal, super stay spray and MAC soft and gentle highlighter.”

Speaking of her favourite cosmetic brands, she states that there are many, but Luscious and theBalm Cosmetics are top two in her list.

Bonus tip

On a parting note, the actress urges all her fans to work out and sweat it out. “Buy vegetables instead of a concealer and go to the gym instead of the movies. If you ask me what my biggest beauty indulgence is, then it has to be facials and gym memberships; I’d rather spend on skin care than buying makeup products,” she asserts.

“Eat seasonal fruits and a lot of vegetables and protein. It’s a slow process but it repairs your skin from within. And it’s so worth it,” she concludes.

Actress Zoya Nasir reveals her beauty routine and skin secrets while in self isolation