“My work is my biggest motivation to stay fit”

June 14, 2020

Actor and director Mohib Mirza shares his fitness regime and ways of managing stress in this difficult time.

Actor Mohib Mirza has some notable drama serials to his credit such as Meray Dard Ko Jo Zuban Miley, Shehr-e-Zaat and Deedan, among others. Presently appearing in two drama serials, Dil Ruba and Dushman-e-Jaan, actor Mohib Mirza is also gearing up for his directorial debut, titled Ishrat Made in China, which features an ensemble cast including the likes of Sanam Saeed, Ali Kazmi, Shamoon Abbasi, Sara Loren and others.

Now that things are gradually getting back to normal after the lockdown, the actor turned director, who is busy editing his upcoming movie, says that he is extra cautious as far as preventive measures are concerned.

Read on to find out how Mohib Mirza stays in shape and what his fitness routine is all about. According to the actor, he has been health conscious for quite some time now and the key to leading a healthy lifestyle is making the right choices.

Exercise routine

For Mohib, working out means going to the gym everyday and performing hardcore exercises, but with no access to gyms as yet, the actor says that one-hour cycling or brisk walking is part of his daily routine. “Normally I used to do proper weight training under the guidance of a professional trainer. However, these days walking or cycling is a must in the neighbourhood or nearby isolated park. At times I go for a walk on the apartment building’s rooftop. Besides, my workout regime includes bodyweight exercises like push-ups, squats and burpees. So basically it involves stretching and a generic workout that covers all body parts like your arms, chest, legs and abs.”

He continues, “I also have a gym set up (treadmill, weights, pull up equipments etc.) at home, which fulfils my workout requirements these days.”

Diet preferences

“I make sure to have a balanced diet, which is a mix of everything; protein, nuts, carbohydrates, fruits and vegetables,” shares Mohib. “For the past one year I have stopped eating meat and chicken. I hardly had mutton in that time and I try to eat fish once a month.”

Talking about his meals, he says that usually when he works out at the gym, he takes five meals per day including the three main meals - breakfast, lunch and dinner – and snacks twice. “If I am not working out then I consume only the three main meals during the day,” he says, adding that for breakfast he takes oats with nuts and egg whites.

As for lunch and dinner, the Deedan actor reveals that he eats home cooked food, be it desi like daal chawal along with salad or some vegetables and avoids too many spices and loads of oil. “If I take bread during the day then I take rice at night; it is very important to intelligently manage the portion of carbs,” he explains.

He further states that when he does intense workouts he takes protein shakes after exercising, but nowadays he is working out at home so he drinks lemon water with some ginger added into the mix. “I either take this mixture before going to bed or as soon as I wake up in the morning. Also, I take warm water with apple cider vinegar,” he adds.

Motivation to stay fit

The actor stresses, “My work is my biggest motivation to stay fit. Being an actor if I workout and stay healthy, I will perform better. I firmly believe that going the healthy route, looking good and getting appreciation is the biggest motivation in itself.”

According to Mohib, in these difficult times if you are feeling lazy and don’t feel like exercising, try wearing your workout attire. “As soon as you wear your workout clothes I am sure more than 90 per cent of you will go ahead and perform some kind of exercise. It is quite interesting and actually one way of motivating yourself.”

Covid-19; preventive measures to stay safe from

Mohib informs that he has been avoiding all social gatherings as he lives with his parents. “I can’t risk their lives, so I frequently wash my hands, sanitize and keep my work space disinfected.”

He further went on to say that he hasn’t resumed shooting as yet but as soon as he does he will take extra measures and will request the director not to shoot with too many people around.

The actor and director also requests his fans to follow the basic safety protocols. “It is important to realize that people associated to you are at risk as well. I urge everyone to wash your hands, cover your face and work on making your immune systems stronger naturally.”

Staying active during the pandemic

“Control your portions as there is very less physical activity these days,” he advises. “Make sure that you engage yourself in some kind of physical activity that makes your heart rate go up, for around 40 minutes. Don’t make excuses, whenever you get time do some kind of exercise,” adds Mohib.

Stress management strategies

“I think our attitude towards life should be positive and focused on the present, only then we’ll be able to tackle any situation,” he stresses. “Before anything else, it starts with your mind. Work on your mental health; it should be everyone’s prime focus. This is a very stressful time for all of us so I try to stay positive and in fact, a smooth walk is my ultimate stress buster. Pray, meditate, do things that you’ve always wanted to do, things that make you happy - be it singing, painting and we have witnessed people doing it on social media, which is very healthy. Physical activity will definitely help relieve your frustration and anxiety,” he concludes.

“My work is my biggest motivation to stay fit”