“I make sure to burn calories”

June 21, 2020

Actor Wahaj Ali shares his fitness regime and explains how he stays fit and positive during this difficult time.

The lockdown has been eased in most parts of the country, but many gyms have still not reopened due to the increase in the cases of coronavirus. However, many celebrities are motivating their fans to get up and get moving while they’re self-isolating. While celebrity fitness trainers have been going live on their Instagram handles teaching various forms of exercises, numerous actors have made small gyms in their homes and post their workout videos or pictures on social media to encourage their fans to stay active and fit.

Wahaj Ali is one actor, who every now and then, shares images of his workout routine on social media. Currently the actor is appearing in drama serial Bikhray Moti alongside Neelam Muneer and Yasir Nawaz. Wahaj is also gearing up for his upcoming debut film, Fly with Hajra Yamin.

Read on to find out how the Ehd e Wafa actor stays in shape now that he is staying indoors.

Of healthy choices

According to the actor, these days everyone has become a health freak and puts in effort to stay fit and healthy. Wahaj Ali claims that he is a foodie and loves to eat. “I can’t think or work if I don’t eat properly, so whatever I may eat, (which is mostly healthy food), I make sure to burn my calories by working out,” he shares. “When I am shooting, of course the healthy lifestyle is compromised, but I make it up when I’m not shooting and have free time on hand. It is all about balance.”

Eating habits

“I don’t consume junk food and prefer having healthy homemade food, fruits and vegetables,” says Wahaj, adding that he eats full boiled eggs with brown bread and green tea for breakfast.

As for lunch, he has chappatis with whatever is cooked at home. “After that I take some protein shake, especially after a workout, and fresh juices such as watermelon juice. Also I love mango shake and yes it is fattening but I don’t mind having it if I am running a mile. As far as dinner is concerned, I try to have a light meal.”

When asked if he has made any changes in his diet now that there is no access to gyms, he shares that these days he is eating everything. “Be it bread or rice, nowadays I try to have a balanced diet. However, normally I take lots of protein while focusing on burning calories through rigorous exercise,” he adds.

Workout regime

The actor informs that he tries his utmost to not go out, so of course that means not hitting the gym as well due to the coronavirus. “I am managing my workout and exercise from home as I have a small gym where I have a few machines and weights. I try my best not to miss any of my exercises, which includes weight training and crossfit. I also love cycling so I incorporate that in my workout as well,” he explains, adding that in order to stay in shape he just tries to push his strength to the fullest.

For those who don’t have any equipment at home, Wahaj suggests going for cardio, cycling being one of the best forms of cardio exercises, and crossfit.

Corona prevention and staying fit

The Bikhray Moti actor says that he is staying home and not shooting. He urges all his fans to make this time productive and useful as well as stay motivated and active.

“We can work all our lives but right now it is important to stay home, stay safe and keep others safe. Engage in some kind of exercise like walking or cycling, eat healthy, incorporate seasonal fruits in your diet and most importantly make your immune systems strong,” he asserts.

“I have taken this testing time as an opportunity to work on my flaws and try to lead a better life; and I would advise my followers to do the same.” He continues, “Take this time as an opportunity to think, reflect, feel, observe yourself and work on the ability to see others in a positive light too. Think positively and do stuff that you always wanted to do when things were normal.”

Focusing on mental health

Wahaj stresses that we all are facing cabin fever by staying indoors for the past so many days and it has had a psychological affect on so many of us, leaving us depressed and upset. “Look at the bright side and focus on your mental health. If you are stressed out or depressed then you won’t be able to function properly.

Stay positive and happy, reach out to those in need and certainly you’ll feel healthy,” he concluded.

“I make sure to burn calories”: Wahaj Ali shares his fitness regime during coronavirus