Keeping it simple!

June 21, 2020

Renowned stylist Nabila shares some beauty trends that will rule this summer.

Though this year has largely been shadowed by lockdowns, travel bans and economic shutdowns, we are still looking for ways to celebrate beauty. Hence, we’re saying cheers to summer trends and gearing up for a new look. With the scenario being totally different this year, summer makeup trends are still alive and as exciting as ever. Now is the time for honing in on your makeup skills and letting the creativity flow. In this time of despair, makeup is the ultimate pick-me-up; just think how good it feels to swipe on a coat of mascara and some lip colour. In fact, now more than ever, it’s important to do what makes you feel good.

This year, summer trends are all about the natural, no-makeup look. Ace image consultant Nabila shares which makeup trends to follow this summer and advises everyone to keep it simple.

Less is definitely more

If there is one thing that we have all learned from this unending series of lockdowns as a result of Covid-19 is that we can easily survive on the bare minimum. Current beauty trends are largely dictated by minimalistic styles and according to the expert, some of the most popular 2020 makeup trends include dewy and well cared for skin – it never goes out of fashion. “Minimal makeup is still going very strong. You will see a lot of graphic, edgy liners that update your style,” she shares.

Talking about lip colours that are perfect for summer, Nabila says, “Opt for nude pinks from my ZERO makeup palette, especially for those online meetings.”

As for blush ons, she advises to go for a creme blush in summer, as powder blush-on looks too matte and fake and tints are very tricky to use.

Tress talk

On hair styles that will be all the rage this summer, the expert informs, “Due to the coronavirus pandemic people have not been able to get professional haircuts. So this season you will see a lot of overgrown, long hair. I’ve also seen a trend of fringes done at home – that can create an instant change in one’s appearance and energy.”

When asked about this season’s popular hair colours, the image consultant explains that as fancy hair colouring is not available, people are mostly doing their roots at home and then glossing their hair. “However, this will change as soon as the salons open and women are comfortable going back to add some oomph to their hair.”

She continues, “I’m happy to see that everyone’s hair is getting into better condition due to lack of chemical treatments.”

Nabila further states that being home bound in summer, her favourite look is pulled back hair. “As far as hair accessories are concerned, barrettes are being used in creative ways to keep hair down and interesting,” she says.

Summer skin and hair care routine

As women are still scared to visit salons and spas to get their favourite skin care treatments done, Nabila suggests women to make sure to cleanse, tone and moisturize their skins. “It is also very important to use SPF (minimum 30), even when indoors,” she shares, adding that once in a while it is necessary to exfoliate and use one of those Korean masks that suits your skin type.

On what hair care regime women should follow when temperatures are soaring, the stylist suggests to shampoo and condition as frequently as one needs to. “Don’t forget to deep condition your hair every two weeks. If your hair is chemically treated, try using some creme or serum to moisturize your hair,” she informs.

Nail affair

Speaking about specific nail trends that are really popular these days, Nabila on a parting note shares, “After a long period of acrylic nails, gel nails, nail art etc., I am now strongly advocating short, clean, manicured, natural nails.”

Keeping it simple!