Flash Your Style

July 5, 2020

Trending this week: Feelin’ Blue

The cities feel like furnaces, pavements hot enough to fry an egg, scalding winds reminiscent of the sirocco. It’s the hot, humid time of the year when the subcontinent shimmers like a mirage in the heat. Being restricted to our homes also hasn’t helped matters. So while we sweat and swelter out way through this summer inferno, we wanted to bring you style that would soothe the eyes. Here are some of our favourite celebrities enjoying a moment by the deep, deep blue.

Amal Qadri

Karachi based stylist and sweetheart, Amal Qadri definitely knows how to pull the best looks together. Her clients are always impeccably dressed, as is she. Featured her in a Sanam Chaudhry kaftan, Qadri looks like a summer dream with windswept hair. The cerulean sky and the azure of the ocean blend together for an endless, hopeful horizon. Her glowing skin is the perfect and only accessory one really requires at the beach.

Kiran Malik

Another style favourite reprises her place in the pages. Kiran Malik, known for pushing style boundaries and giving us red hot looks, brings light-heartedness to the fore with this photo by the water. A ginormous bouquet of blooms rests in her lap, giving the (false) impression that she's decked in floors. We love the unfiltered joy that radiates from Malik and hope that when we make it to the beach, someone gives us a gorgeous bouquet too!

Ayesha Omar

Talking about beaches without mentioning Karachi's favourite thalassophile would be unfair. Perhaps our love affair with Ayesha Omar finds its roots in our mutual love for water bodies. She shares pictures of herself taken by the inimitable Tapu Javeri on a boat on the Bosphorus in Turkey. What we wouldn't give to be seated next to her right now on that boat, sailing away from the heat and all our problems.

Sheheryar Munawar

With Sri Lanka’s windswept palms and turquoise waters behind him, Sheheryar Munawar is a sight for sore eyes. His breezy, printed shirt, olive green pants and personal panache compliments the easy going island vibe of the background. With his eyes locked on the distant horizon, Munawar is probably planning his next beach getaway. We can’t blame him, who wouldn’t want to be by a beach right now?

Trending this week: Amal Qadri, Kiran Malik, Ayesha Omar, Sheheryar Munawar