“Set small health goals and achieve them”

July 12, 2020

Actor and host Faizan Sheikh reveals his fitness regime and what motivates him to stay in shape.

Faizan Sheikh, who started his acting career with theatre, made his small screen debut with drama serial Mann Ke Moti in 2013. He later appeared in hit comedy show Ready Steady Go, in which he essayed the character of Pyare. Apart from that, the actor, who also co-hosted a morning show with Faysal Qureshi, has a number of drama series to his credit including Saaya, Babban Khala Ki Betiyan and Ab Dekh Khuda Kya Karta Hai among others. In 2016, Faizan ventured into cinema with romantic comedy, Parchi and last year he appeared in Heer Maan Ja (HMJ), in which he brilliantly portrayed the role of antagonist, Wajdaan.

Currently Faizan can be seen in the second season of Ready Steady Go as well as Gustakh, which features Faysal Qureshi, Faryal Makhdoom and Ali Ansari in key roles. The actor and host, who is busy shooting for his upcoming drama serial and is also working on his own talk show, shares how he manages to stay fit and active during the on-going pandemic as well as ordinarily.

Healthy lifestyle choices

Faizan claims that he has recently become very conscious about his health and that it took him quite some time to transform his lifestyle. “Now that I have completely switched to a healthy lifestyle, I’m very proud of this transformation,” he shares.

As for his fitness goals and what motivates him to stay in shape, the actor says that it is his profession that is the biggest motivating factor. “I don’t stick to one plan, be it my meals or my workout. It is important to keep on surprising your body so that it doesn’t become immune to one particular routine.”

Eating habits

Talking about his eating preferences, the Ready Steady Go actor informs that he consumes three healthy meals per day. “I follow a strict diet designed by my trainer/friend Ali Khan. He keeps on changing my diet plan and even allows me to cheat under his supervision.”

He went on to say that ‘protein’ is a constant in all his diet plans. “I take egg whites and black coffee for breakfast, while for lunch I have salad and egg whites again and a good chicken meal for dinner,” he reveals, adding that he has protein shakes once in a while and that he’s very fond of ABC (apple, beetroot and carrot) juice and grapefruit juice.

Workout regime

According to Faizan, he works out six days a week for 30 minutes under the supervision of his trainer Ali Khan, who the actor claims has been the most vital part of his transformation. Apart from that, he walks five to six kilometers daily.

On what type of exercises he performs, he shares, “I am more into cardio and high intensity training, as well as weight training once a week. I’m not too dependent on equipments and I usually exercise with a set of dumbbells.”

With gyms being closed due to the pandemic, we asked the actor how he managed his workout routine at home. “Well, I didn’t go to the gym so the lockdown didn’t affect me as such,” he responds, adding that his trainer comes home and they do cardio and high intensity training.

Importance of mental health

Speaking about mental health, Faizan believes that it is as important as your physical health. “The best way to manage your stress levels, especially in this testing time, is to stay positive, burn that negativity in the gym or any other way you like to work out and pray. Also to stay healthy at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep is a must; it not only helps you recover and reboot your system but keeps you sane and positive as well.”

Piece of advice

On a parting note, Faizan advises all his fans and followers to adopt a healthy lifestyle and stay active. “Sweat today, shine tomorrow, this is what I firmly believe in. Don’t be a couch potato; get up and get moving. Only you can motivate yourself, so don’t get into comparisons. Take one day at a time; set small health goals and achieve them. Trust me, taking out 45 minutes a day for yourself is not a huge task,” he concludes.

Actor Faizan Sheikh reveals his fitness regime