Get glowing skin with clay masks

July 12, 2020

Here are five great masks that will clear your skin of toxins, oil and dirt.

If you want to give your skin some tender loving care, then invest in a clay mask that best suits your skin type. While sheet masks have become all the rage, one can’t deny the power of a good clay mask. It is one of the easiest ways to help unclog pores, brighten the complexion and improve skin texture. In fact, the benefits of clay masks have increasingly made it a go-to beauty item.

With a myriad of masks out there, finding the right one for your skin is definitely a daunting task. Remember to check the ingredients to make sure they suit your skin type and treatment goals.

Whether you are searching for a detoxifying mask or one that hydrates your skin, here are a few clay masks to keep on your radar.

Kiehl’s Rare Earth Deep Pore Cleansing Mask

This creamy face mask contains Amazonian white clay, which is the star ingredient. Bid adieu to sebum and dead skin as this light clay mask mildly exfoliates to remove toxins, dirt, dry skin cells as well as clears out pores. The mask isn’t drying as it contains aloe vera, which majorly hydrates and calms irritated skin. Though this formula is suitable for all skin types, it’s especially useful for acne-prone skin as it gets rid of impurities that can clog pores and cause blemishes.

Charlotte Tilbury Goddess Skin Clay Mask

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For those who have dull skin, get your hands on this Charlotte Tilbury mask. This mask is a favourite among A-list celebrities such as Gigi Hadid probably because of the instant megawatt glow and velvety softness that it gives. Spanish clay, sweet almond oil, rosehip oil, and peptides work together to detoxify, nourish, and plump the skin. According to Charlotte Tilbury, the Goddess Skin Clay Mask dramatically purifies the skin, creating a smooth, clear and youthful dewy skin.

L’Oreal Paris Pure-Clay Face Mask

If you are looking for a back-to-basics formula, then L’Oreal Paris Pure-Clay Face Mask is perfect for you. A mix of pure clay and charcoal, this clay mask works to both detoxify and brighten the skin. The creamy formula won’t dry out like a traditional clay mask and instead will leave your skin feeling clean along with providing it an extra dose of hydration.

bareMinerals Clay Chameleon Transforming Purifying Cleanser

Though not a typical clay mask, it works wonders, thanks to its formula made with red kaolin clay that has high absorption power. If you want to get rid of greasiness, this cleanser is just the right choice for you.

The formula removes dirt and toxins from the skin and red kaolin clay deeply penetrates into the epidermal layer for an intense cleansing. This purifying cleanser contains sea salt, which exfoliates the outer surface while mineral-rich papaya extract rejuvenates and uplifts the skin.

Tarte Cosmetics Tight & Bright Clay Multi-Mask

This multitasking, 2-in-1 formula contains a purple clay mask, which tightens pores and polishes the skin while the other side hydrates and brightens, all with the power of Amazonian clay. If you have an oily T-zone, or want to tighten your pores, use the purple detoxifying and purifying exfoliating mask. The gold hydrating and firming gel mask is ideal for dry or delicate areas, such as the cheeks and under eyes, to hydrate and brighten. For total facial harmony, mix, match and treat different skin concerns like hyperpigmentation, redness, dryness and dehydration.

Get glowing skin with clay masks