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July 26, 2020

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2020's interminable summer continues with the world at a standstill. Fashion and style are taking on new, personalised meaning with each individual turning inward for inspiration and becoming their own muse. Style is moving from peformative to something unique that sparks joy and we couldn't be more in tune with the shift. Here are the women who caught our eyes this week.

Amber Javed

One of the countries first style bloggers, Amber is known for her minimal, low key style that works international trends into local fashion. We love the cool hued, summer friendly image that the Islamabad based influencer represents here. The soft light, the coordinated ceramic tea set and the pretty, no fuss lawn outfit come together to form a quintessentially eastern summer look that’s aspirational and easy to emulate.

Saba Qamar

Qamar is a force of nature and she hasn’t let a single moment in this quarantine slide without reminding us of it. From her superb takedown of the hypocrisy of arrange marriages in Pakistan on Youtube to her Instagram feed that floods our home pages with glamorous images, Qamar has been using this time to really cement her place as a social media queen. She's featured here in a stunning, hand painted sari by model/designer Rehmat Ajmal. The images ooze beauty and strength and Qamar looks ethereal in the monochrome outfit.

Rehmat Ajmal

Textile designer and model Rehmat Ajmal showcases what multi-talented millennials can do to elevate local style. She recently collaborated with a Lahore based couture house, Samsara to create a collection of plain, raw silk outfits paired with her hand painted dupattas and the result is a gorgeous, pastel coloured celebration of minimal feminine style. The simplicity of the outfits is appealing because they can be repurposed in multiple ways while the dupatta is a lifelong heirloom. These are the kind of pieces worth investing in!

Natasha Zubair

Another promising young talent from Lahore, Zubair is a photographer who has used this pandemic to become her own muse. We love the warmth and joy this self portrait reflects; the childlike glee that takes over when running downstairs in a diaphoneous gown, twirling around in yards of fabric like a dramatic princess. There's also something to be said about her pale yellow colour palette that most fair women run from since it drains their faces off colour and her embrace of its glowing desaturation that is reminiscent of classic English portraits.

Trending this week: Amber Javed, Saba Qamar, Rehmat Ajmal, Natasha Zubair