Makeup trend alert

August 9, 2020

Here are some of the latest trends that will elevate your summer makeup game.

Makeup trends are usually driven by nature and the weather in particular, so in summer we’re drawn to pastels and vivid primary colours, ditching those deep berry-toned lipsticks and warm, coppery orange eyeshadows. However, summer is the season to have fun with your makeup. While bright, uplifting colours are having a moment, techniques are taking a turn for the unexpected.

Cool tone eye shadows, natural brows and soft, stained lips are poised to be big this season, and with heat and humidity wearing down your makeup, a matte look could be just what you need to up your summer makeup game.

Here are a few makeup trends that are all the rage this season.

For a fresh glow

Dewy, luminous skin has become a trend of its own. If you want to have dewy, glowy skin, it’s achievable with fewer products than you think. Beauty experts say that hydrated, nourished, and radiant skin without looking metallic is in. The key is to focus on achieving your post-facial glow with minimal products. Moreover, if your skin is on the oilier side, try a powder highlighter instead of liquid; it’ll keep your dew from settling into your foundation.

Soft, fluffy eyebrows

Let’s hear it for this season’s fluffy eyebrow trend. Now you don’t need to pluck stray hair or spend precious time drawing on perfectly sculpted arches. Say hello to tons of natural-looking texture - the best thing about this trend is that it doesn’t require any brow pencils or powders. To get the look, all you have to do is brush up your brows with a spoolie and apply sometinted brow gel, instead of trying to fill them in.

More than a hint of blush

Applying some blush on your cheeks is the easiest way to add a flush of colour to your complexion. While blush-on tends to be a subtle add rather than a focal point, this season take your toned-down blush up several notches. Beauty experts say that a pop of pink, peach, or magenta on the cheeks is going to benefit anyone who loves to pump it up a bit. You can pair a strong blush with a natural eyeshadow and subtle tint of colour on the lips and you are all set to go.

Cool toned lids

After a decade-long obsession with warm-toned hues, cool tones are getting a chance to shine bright on your lids. According to ace stylists, pastel hues like blues, greens, purples, and cool pinks are making their way back into our eye looks. Pastel lids are a great way to add a little something to your everyday look—just use your fingertips to tap on your favourite colour and follow with a coat or two of mascara.

Luminously matte

There is indeed a way to look luminous and matte at the same time. The easiest way to blend the best of both worlds is to pair fresh, dewy skin with a bold matte lip. The key to this trend is flawless and luminous skin, but in summer, it can be hard to keep skin looking dewy without the dreaded oil shine. Make sure to keep a face powder that effortlessly mattifies, blurs and illuminates the skin.

Colourful mascara

Trade your traditional black and brown formulas for a fun, bright coloured mascara this season. Nothing makes your eyes pop like a coat of blue or purple on your eyelashes — it will make your eyes sparkle.This is a quick way to add colour to your look without breaking out the eyeshadow or liner.

Bold pout

A fool-proof way to turn up any makeup look is with a vibrant lipstick and this summer is no exception. For the most vibrant effect with the least effort, a bright colour on the lip, like a vibrant red shade with loads of voluminous black mascara is a staple look. You can also try a bright coral or a daring orange lip, if you dare.

Makeup trend alert