Flash Your Style

August 9, 2020

Tending this week

                                                                                                Sari, not sorry

While we're not fans of viral fashion trends for the lack of originality they propagate, we can’t help but be taken by the new wave of sari fandom that has hit Instagram. There's something alluring about the paradox a sari represents; tradition pleated with sensuality, a classic, feminine drape that empowers the wearer. This week we round up the sirens who called out to us in their various saris.

Mina Malik

Writer, comedian and chat show host, Mina Malik is a beloved Lahori feminist who champions saris, local brands and women-led ventures. Her Instagram feed is an ode to Eastern fashion that is approachable. From Malik we've learnt to love cotron saris as much as silk ones and know that a bright pop of colour in any outfit will brighten not only the ensemble but also your mood.

Fatima Asghar

Demesne Couture's organza tie and dye collection was such a viral affair that the brand had to stop taking orders before Eid to keep up with the demand. It isn’t hard to see why. Invoking magic and kaleidoscopic, unicorn dreams, this pastel tye and dye sari on Asghar, paired with the brand's bright scrunchie and organza bag, is every girl's dream. We can stare at this outfit for ages.

Sarah Raseen Khan

We love a good fashion hack and it doesn't get better than Khan creating the perfect sari hybrid look with jeans and a crop top! We love how she's draped the crimson dupatta and cinched the look with a belt, updating three basic pieces that we all own. How innovative!


Our love for this brand is no secret and the team at Generation repeatedly reaffirms our faith. The brand, in collaboration with in-house style maestro Harris Maqsood, created a super fun series showing different ways to drape a sari. Head on over to their website to check out the super fun video tutorial.

Tending this week: Sari, not sorry, Mina Malik, Fatima Asghar, Sarah Raseen Khan, Sarah Raseen Khan