“Exercise is the best stress reliever”

August 23, 2020

Actor and producer Aijaz Aslam shares his fitness regime and stresses on how important it is to surround yourself with positivity.

In a career spanning over two decades, veteran actor and producer Aijaz Aslam has some notable drama serials to his credit. One such series is mystery thriller Cheekh, in which he essayed the character of Yawar and received rave reviews for his performance. The actor was also seen in light hearted, comedy drama Dolly Darling, which came to an end earlier this year. The versatile actor can currently be seen in two drama serials, Log Kya Kahenge alongside Faysal Qureshi, Sakina Samo and Saheefa Jabbar as well as Nand, featuring Faiza Hasan, Minal Khan and Shahroz Sabzwari.

As far as fitness is concerned Aijaz Aslam, who is in his 40s, is one celebrity who makes sure to stay in shape and follow a healthy lifestyle. In fact, he is quite fit and active as compared to many of his contemporaries. We caught up with the actor to know more about his fitness goals and what he consumes during the day.

Healthy lifestyle choices

The actor claims that he is not a health fanatic but is all for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. “People often confuse eating healthy with dieting, which is absolutely wrong,” says the Nand actor, adding that he always believes in healthy alternates and having some discipline in life. He further went on to say, “I also think that to stay healthy, one must sleep early and rise early. Seven hours of sleep is good enough but it is important to sleep by midnight max.”

Speaking of fitness goals, Aijaz shares that it is important to have enough strength in his muscles to support all the joints. “So I stay active by working out five days a week and making sure that I train my muscles through exercise,” he explains.

Eating preferences

“I mostly eat raw vegetables and keep a check on my calorie count. However, I make it a point to include good fats, carbohydrates, proteins and fibre in my diet every day,” reveals the actor and producer. As for how many meals he consumes during the day, Aijaz says, “I only have two main meals in a day, i.e. breakfast and early dinner, which is around 6:30 p.m.” He continues, “My breakfast includes a handful of nuts and eggs or oatmeal, while I have some seasonal fruits in the middle of the day and dinner is regular, homemade food. Having said that, the key is to keep your portion size in control.”

On whether he incorporates any kind of juices or shakes in his diet, Aijaz shares that he is not a big fan of juices since they have no fibre and are high in sugar content.

Workout routine

Aijaz informs that he doesn’t have a trainer but he works out five days a week and does a combination of cardio and muscle strength exercises. “As far as equipments are concerned, while exercising I mostly use weights, dumbbells and resistance bands,” he shares.

Is there any tip he swears by as far as his health is concerned? “Eat well, sleep right and surround yourself with positivity,” responds Aijaz, adding that his passion keeps him motivated for a healthy lifestyle.

Managing stress

“It is very important to surround ourselves with positive people and that I think is the best way to manage stress.” He furthers, “I try to stay away from negativity and trust me, that is the best therapy. Also, remember to do things that make you happy.”

Piece of advice

According to the Log Kya Kahenge actor, for attaining a healthy lifestyle he advises his fans and followers to adopt a healthy lifestyle. “Take it as making an investment in yourself. We are always too busy working but remember working out or even opting for a light physical activity will benefit you later in life. In fact, exercise is the best stress reliever ever,” he says on a parting note.

“Exercise is the best stress reliever”