Josh release new single called 'Tujh Mein'

August 30, 2020

Qurram Hussain confirmed that while Josh is working on a new album, they are in no rush to drop an uneven record

Five records, countless hits, a following that extends beyond India and Pakistan, and a strong performance on Coke Studio in its early years, the Montreal-based Indo-Pak band Josh is still alive and kicking.

After following solo paths, with Rup Magon pursuing acting in films and Qurram Hussain having appeared in Cornetto Pop Rock as well as releasing solo singles and playing music producer to Pakistani film, Rangreza, the Josh duo is back with a new song.

Qurram Hussain confirmed that while Josh is working on a new album, they are in no rush to drop an uneven record. To that end, the band has released their first single together after what feels like eons.

The wait was worth it. If you are a Josh fan (and you should be), it will be easy to note that while their new song has a signature Josh spirit to it, 'Tujh Mein' also sees the band foraying into a newer sound that has electronic roots. But calling it electronic isn't enough. Josh has played with multiple genres to create this song. And it is audible. This is a good electro-pop song.

The track, lyrically, is a love song while the music video features Josh, in addition to a woman dancing, with great flair.

From their breakthrough single, 'Kabhi'   that still has recall value to recreating Zubeida Khanum's   Mausam'   to the heartbreaking 'Ajnabi', all the while making their brand of bhangra palatable, Josh has always been a good band with a strong discography.

Will Tujh Mein' manage to surpass their past history to connect with a larger audience, time will tell. For now, do hear the song once. It's Josh returning to what they do best.

Abdullah Siddiqui pushes back the release of Heterotopia

Abdullah Siddiqui is quite possibly the prodigal electronic musician of this generation, who is subconsciously building a bridge between mainstream and the independent music scene with his musical collaborations.

He's appeared on Nescafe Basement with Resistance' and played the song with some of the country's best musicians. He's also collaborated with the prominent Fawad Khan for 'Uth Jaag' for Pepsi Battle of the Bands (last year). He's the new artist of our times.

The anomalous indie artist, who first made his debut via internet label Forever South (FXS), is presently on his sophomore EP from which he has dropped a new song.

Abdullah's latest release titled 'Preacher' B not to be confused with the Poor Rich Boy single of the same name B is an intriguing one. As Abdullah shared with Instep, AIt's a song I've made completely using vocals and hand sounds.

The result - like most releases from Heterotopia B is astonishing.

Abdullah was also set to release his sophomore effort, the LP Heterotopia, after releasing a series of singles fortnightly but out of respect for the month of Muharram, he has pushed back the album release. The collaborative singles - released with artists such as Shamoon Ismail, Maanu and Zoe Viccaji - are not done just yet. More surprises are set to create a jaw-dropping, instant addictive feeling for listeners and critics, alike.

The record contains a total of 14 songs with 5 collaborations. After the album releases, a remix of one the songs will be released. Once the record is out, Abdullah won't be releasing more material for at least two months. While LP Heterotopia is based on French philosopher's Michel Foucault concept of 'Heterotopia' the record deals with issues of identity and trauma as a central theme, Abdullah told Instep.

Check out Preacher' from Heterotopia while the full LP is bound to drop soon enough.

Talal Qureshi drops new EP called Acha Volume 1

Talal Qureshi is having a terrific year. He was one of the headlining acts during Lahore Music Meet 2020 (featuring Maanu and Faris Shafi during his set). His song with Naseebo Lal, 'Aag' B released more than a year ago - continues to be an embodiment of how we can take various artists, genres and formats to create something entirely new.

After dropping a collaborative single with another talented artist of the burgeoning independent music scene, Natasha Noorani, Talal has returned with a new three-track EP called Acha Volume 1.

Featuring songs like 'Max Power' ,'Coconut Jelly' and   'Alpha Luv'  it is one of the most approachable and catchy electronic EPs to release, period. Talal Qureshi's ability as a record producer has made Acha Volume 1 a glistening release with sounds that will make you curious about the many facets of electronic music and how these sounds are created.

Talal Qureshi is not done as far as releasing new music in 2020 is concerned though. On September 1, he is planning to drop a five-track EP, he confirmed to Instep. That's the frequency with which mainstream musicians also need to release music before the younger generation surpasses them, completely.     

Josh release new single called 'Tujh Mein'