Town Talk

August 30, 2020

Events in Lahore this week

Chalta Phirta Doc Festival, organised by Documentary Association of Pakistan (DAP), continues through November 29 on the group’s YouTube channel.

Nine assorted films will be screened live, over the course of the four months. The films are all made by internationally recognised Pakistani documentary filmmakers. Interactive Q&A sessions with the directors and actors are part of the festival. These will be moderated by DAP team members. This weekend — i.e. on September 5 — Jawad Sharif’s award-winning documentary, Indus Blues, shall be showcased.

Pre-Covid, the volunteer-run festival travelled various parts of the country and screened a fresh set of films every time. The screenings are free. Those interested in watching the films must subscribe to DAP’s channel in the first place. Or click here:

Socially distanced art classes continue on Sundays at the House of NANNAs for limited attendance with masks. Timings: 11am to 2pm.

Drawing boards and benches are provided. Bring your own lunch and some soap cakes for the needy.

The classes are held under the tutelage of senior artist and conservationist Dr Ajaz Anwar. 

Town Talk