“I try out a lot of homemade remedies”

September 13, 2020

Actress Nazish Jahangir shares the secret behind her smooth skin and her go-to beauty products.

Having started her acting career with Anwar Maqsood’s theatre play in 2015, actress Nazish Jahangir made her television debut in 2017 with Bharosa. Playing diverse roles in drama serials such as Tohmat, Thays, Kamzarf, Mere Mohsin and Kahin Deep Jaley.

Currently Nazish can be seen in drama serial Saraab, alongside Sonya Hussyn and Sami Khan; the serial sheds light on mental illness. Nazish is also gearing up for another drama called Dil Tanha Tanha, which will be aired in the near future. In addition to her theatre and television works, Nazish will soon be making her big screen debut with Lafangay that features Sami Khan, Mani, Saleem Mairaj among others.

Instep got in touch with the Saraab actress to get an insight into her beauty regime and what beauty products she stashes in her makeup bag.

All about skin and hair care

Nazish Jahangir shares that her daily skincare routine is very simple. “I apply vitamin C serum before makeup and I make sure to clean my face with vitamin C cleanser after I remove my makeup,” reveals the actress.

Talking about the secret behind her smooth and glowing skin, she informs that she tries not to leave makeup on her skin for too long. “Also, I’m very fond of desi remedies and whenever I get time I try a lot of homemade remedies. One of my favourites is applying a mix of honey and lemon on my face,” she shares, adding that she uses this mask after every 3 to 4 days. “I also use a lot of aloe vera gel on my skin.”

As far as the actress’ hair care regime is concerned, she informs that she regularly oils her hair with mustard oil and also applies a yoghurt mask on her hair quite frequently.

Nazish also firmly believes that what you eat definitely shows on your skin. “I make sure to eat vegetables, fruits like apples, coconut and berries etc. I also keep myself hydrated by drinking lots of water and fresh juices - orange, pineapple and red grape juices are my favourite,” she adds. “I avoid very oily food. Once in a blue moon, oily foods can be okay but they are not good for your skin if you consume them frequently.”

Makeup essentials

According to Nazish, she doesn’t wear much makeup when she is not shooting. In fact, for the actress, her signature look is the no-makeup look or nude makeup look with beach curls. “As for my makeup essentials, my go-to products include Maybelline’s baby skin primer, a good eyeliner, mascara, eye shadow and lipstick by Anastasia Beverly Hills (ABH) and Maybelline’s concealer - I absolutely love it because when I apply it, I don’t feel the need to use foundation/base.” She continues, “But of course there are times when I do have to apply base, so I like the one by Armani and mineral base by The Body Shop.”

Speaking of beauty products in her makeup bag, she says that these days you will find a sanitizer for sure. She further went on to say, “Also, there are lipsticks/lip balms and highlighter by ABH, Maybelline‘s primer and concealer, foundation by Armani, Essence mascara and Water Candy Tint. You will also find many Body Shop products like a lip balm, pencil that has both mascara and makeup fixer. I just love lip balms so there are quite a few options in my makeup bag.”

Beauty indulgence

The actress informs that her biggest beauty indulgence has to be Gucci Bloom Deluxe Set or anything by Gucci and also lip balms by Body Shop. When asked about her favourite cosmetic brand, she responds, “Well, it is a tie between Armani and The Body Shop. To be honest, lip balms, concealer, primer and a good mascara are a few beauty products that I can’t live without.”

Beauty trends...

As for her favourite beauty trend, Nazish reveals, “There are a few actually including full brows, long wavy curls and French manicure.”

Tips and tricks

On a parting note, Nazish Jahangir shares that the most important thing that she has learnt from senior makeup artists is that sometimes less is more. “Even for a special event or a shoot or when going for a very glamorous look, applying too much makeup or experimenting with different shades and hues can make one look artificial and over the top. You can pull off such looks only if you are Lady Gaga or Nicki Minaj,” she concludes.

“I try out a lot of homemade remedies”: Nazish Jahangir shares secret behind her smooth skin